April Showers Bring…Many Baked Goods


This month I have been a baking fiend! With paying off school loans, I have been able to increase our baking budget and I think my husband is loving it. I must admit I am quite enjoying gobbling up these goodies too.

You see, I was originally going to bake something for our new neighbors downstairs- they moved in on the first of the month. I love sharing baked goods, it’s an excellent icebreaker for meeting your neighbors! Everybody loves food and I think it’s especially appreciated after a long day of moving. So, I first made whole wheat blueberry mini-muffins (via Betty Crocker!) because my father-in-law had just gifted us a great mini-muffin pan and how can you not bake as soon as you get a cool new pan? …Exactly. So I made those and decided to let my hubby and adorable son have a few. (You have to have someone test them, you can’t just give away muffins if you don’t know if they are any good!). And before we knew it, there went 24 mini-muffins!

Okay, so who wants mini-muffins as move-in goodies anyway? Chocolate is the way to go. Next up: Coffeehouse Scones (again Betty Crocker). These scones. THESE. SCONES. Ahem. Let’s just say those did not make it downstairs either. I do have a good excuse this time though- in my poor squinting vision, I read the recipe with 1/3 cup butter and didn’t realize until after I mixed the wet ingredients in for the dough that the recipe actually read 1/2 cup butter. And you can’t just add the rest of the butter at that point! So I went ahead and made them that way. I probably didn’t second guess because regular scones use 1/3 cup butter. Ah well, they turned out just fine. But I couldn’t give away scones that weren’t perfect.

I had enough ingredients to make a second batch so that’s what I did a few days later. I did it right this time with 1/2 cup butter and it does make a difference. A very slight difference, but a difference nevertheless. I was able to work on my chocolate drizzling skills too, so that was a plus. (The photo above is of the first batch, not the best drizzling skills at work!) So since these looked and tasted great, I could share them, right? Well….I thought about it and it’s the thought that counts, right? Seriously, I highly recommend this recipe to you if chocolate and coffee are your game. Betty Crocker’s coffehouse scones. Decadent.

By now I had given up any preconceived notions that I was actually going to share baked goods. Next up- blueberry banana bread. Anybody dare to guess what recipe I used? If you guessed Betty Crocker you have caught me. I swear by the Big Red Spoon. Betty Crocker fanatic right here. I would also like to point out for brownie points that I made this bread while balancing dinner time for my very anxious 1 year old. This quick bread was demolished in less than 24 hours.

Next up: Chai-spiced bread! Today seems like a good rainy day for baking!



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