Garrison Keillor and other thoughts

ImageGuess who met THE Garrison Keillor and got an autograph? I suppose the above picture pretty much takes the fun away from guessing- ME! Well, and my husband of course, who was the one to bring me into the Keillor circle of awesome. We attended his book signing on Wednesday and I was too wrapped up in actually enjoying the moment of being in Garrison Keillor’s presence to take a picture with my phone (seriously, what’s wrong with me? Who does that?!)

The crowd was actually a lot smaller than we were expecting. Later, while standing in line for autographs, we met some friendlies who said the first time Garrison Keillor visited our Books & Co. that there were about 1500 people and he was there until two o’clock in the morning signing! And just for the record, my husband and I were the youngest couple there – which tells me not enough of our grandparents and parents are passing down a love for this man’s writing! What a shame.

Keillor’s new book, The Keillor Reader, looks to be a promising and hilarious read. I’ve already read snippets of it – that’s the joy of it is you don’t have to read it from front to back. He always keeping you on your toes and laughing – like at the book signing when he was talking about getting his first typewriter and without missing a beat he pulls a picture of one out of his bag, shows it to the the 10 year old boy in the front row and said, ‘This is what a typewriter is.’, The boy looked at it for a minute and says, ‘I’ve seen one before.’,to which Keillor replies, ‘Probably in a museum.’  And I know I’m fairly young, but when I was in middle school we took typing classes where we learned how to type on a real typewriter. Do they do that anymore? What a silly question, I doubt it. Kids these days probably learn how to type on a computer (or their phones?! please note my confusion here on not knowing what ‘kids these days’ are up to, I didn’t have a phone until mid-high school and it probably weighed as much as my laptop does now) before they even start school.

In other news, I have a pile of book recommendations here in front of me that I will be working through, including Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernières, but I really must get through the books I checked out from the library at the start of April that I have had to renew twice already. It’s not that I’m taking a while to read them, it’s that I haven’t made it to them yet! What can I say, when someone lends me a book, I feel an obligation to put that at the top of the pile.

In case you are interested, here are a couple books on my upcoming reads list- Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight (Alexandra Fuller) and The Social Animal (David Brooks). Have you read either of these books? What do you think? I am gearing myself up to dive back into nonfiction, which won’t be as rough once I’m done with my Louis de Bernières kick (I read Señor Vivo and the Coca Lord in two days, that’s what long car rides are for!). I find when I get on an author kick I have a hard time reading other fiction right away so I delve back into nonfiction for a while.

Also, I have created a page for my ongoing book list for this year if you are looking for a new book yourself.

Are you a Garrison Keillor fan? What are your favorite stories by him? If you haven’t really read Keillor, I highly recommend reading Leaving Home, it will keep you laughing the whole way through!





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