New place, new shelves!


Whew! It’s been a while since I posted but as you can tell from the above photo my husband and I have been quite busy. Last week we moved apartments and so during the long weekend we worked hard to build this bookshelf. We got the idea from some friends of ours who have a smaller version of it, but we liked it so much we knew we wanted to build our own once we settled in our new place. Just to be clear, yes those are boxes of books still on the ground. Our living room actually looks like a little library. We have two more bookshelves under the bar counter but what you can see in the picture is what we took us three days to build and assemble.


There is our before picture. We had 23 total boxes of books. I can happily say we were able to unpack ALL the boxes this time around. Last year we weren’t able to unpack everything and had six boxes of books stacked in our bedroom all year long. So thankfully we are able to rid all evidence of a certain pizza place from our lives.


And there is a mid-assembly picture. That was the easy part of the project! We were relieved when we got to this point. I did all the measurements to each shelf would fit just so. Math is not my forte, but I do thank the time I spent on the theater production crew in college. I’m just glad the guy at Home Depot who cut our pieces didn’t give me a funny look when we told him we needed four shelves at 4 feet and a half an inch. My husband cut the 45 degree angles, I sanded to smooth out the edges, and we worked together staining them.

All in all, 296 bricks! We are rather proud of our D.I.Y bookshelf, and I think we are planning on sticking around in this apartment for a few years! Book lovers unite!


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