Mary Higgins Clark

I think it’s about time I reboot this blog. I’ve still been on track with reading at least five books a month, but lately it has been chock full of Mary Higgins Clark novels. Here’s the story: I was in a fiction rut in August, not really knowing where to venture next, so I told my husband he could pick out some fiction books for me at the library. He always has a good sense of what I’ll enjoy. One of the books he picked out for me was Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark. I read it, loved it, moved on to the other books.

But after I read two other fiction books, Mary Higgins Clark was still on my mind. So I decided to check out more of her books. And by more I mean I checked out half of what the library had in stock. After I read the second, third, and fourth book, I suppose you could say I was hooked on her books. Not there is anything wrong with that, she’s a great author. But here is what is just getting to me: How in the world does she do it? I am never able to figure out who the person is. Never! No matter how hard I try! Okay, I lied, I thought it was rather obvious in Where are You Now?, simply because the synopsis sort of gives a giant hint. But since then I have never been able to figure it out before the reveal. And that’s something I pride myself on!

So hats off to you, Mary Higgins Clark. I have now read seven of your mystery novels and still don’t know your secret. That won’t stop me from trying (as I have four more books ready for this month) but seeing as you are the all-knowing author, I will remain your humble befuddled reader.


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