Reboot!/One Thousand Books

It’s time to reboot this blog. (Uh oh, didn’t I say that last time?). When I first started I didn’t have a set direction, thinking I would do book reviews mostly, with some blog posts about baking and being a mother thrown in there…Well, we can all see how that worked out!
But now I have a direction- I am dedicating this blog to what I will call “The Thousand Book Journey”Whoa! You might say, Hold the phone! 1000 books?! That’s setting the bar a little high, don’t you think?

Let me explain: My husband and I are book lovers…and book collectors. We have a home library of almost 1000 books. And when I say 1000, I’m not just looking around and doing a way overestimated ballpark. I’ve counted. It’s actually more accurately 942 books. So, I want to make it my goal to read every book we own. Of course, I have already read at least 200 of them (again, trust me, I counted…and made a list). But I will be rereading those ones- mostly for pleasure but also to give my brain a rest between thick nonfiction books like Oswald’s Decline of the West and even Einstein’s Relativity (yikes!) But once I have set my mind to something, I have set my mind to it!

And 1000 books will allow me room for library books, newly acquired books at Christmas and birthdays, and book club reads. I know this will take quite a few years (I’m not delusional enough to believe that with two little boys I can read all that in even two years!) but I still want to do it. Our home library will probably be over 1000 by the time I even get half way done!

So come along with me on the journey, we will breathe in our favourite book smell, learn a thing or two on the way, saunter through familiar pages, and who knows- maybe I will discover I actually love reading a new genre!


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