Library Pet Peeves

Good day, fellow readers!
Okay, let me just throw out a disclaimer that I love the library and the great things it does, allowing us to borrow books and not go broke purchasing everything we want to read. Libraries are a fantastic resource.

We have purchased probably half of our private library through library book sales. Twice a year our area library has a weekend book sale and on the last day they have an ‘anything you can carry out for $1’ deal. That’s when we go. We love it. We find so many treasures and even some favourites we have been pining after.

So with that comes the library binding and lamination. Again, I understand why the library needs to do this, to protect the book and whatnot. But the glare from the lamination on our books at home was beginning to irk me so I decided to de-library them, if you will excuse my made up terminology. Besides, my husband prefers hardbacks without their dust jackets anyway (I admit, the shelves do look more polished and the dust jackets have already served their purpose), so I figured I would kill two birds with one stone.

Here’s my pet peeve: While liberating the books from their nasty laminate covers, over half were actually GLUED to the inside of the book. I know this isn’t necessary because I had plenty others that were simply taped on that I was able to snip off the tape with no damage to the book itself. But the glue? After first trying to gently pry the paper off without ripping into the book itself, I knew I had to leave the paper on there. Sometimes the dust jacket itself would be glued (heavily), while other times it would be the actually paper underneath the plastic laminate. Why, dear libraries, WHY?! Now half of our books have this ugly paper stuck to the inside where I carefully cut around the glued part. What’s worse is when it’s glue onto a book with an illustration or a map on the inside cover. Oh that’s a nice map, I’m so glad I can only see half of it, I will never say! Like I said, I know gluing it is not a necessity since so many simply taped books were in perfectly fine shape. Luckily some of our much older books- from the early 1900’s- the glue was so loosened it came right off without damaging the book itself. But my point stands.

I don’t know who is in charge of covering the books for libraries and whether or not they should be taped, glued or taped AND glued (I think the majority of the books were taped and glued, and this really makes no sense to me)- but if you see this: PLEASE DON’T GLUE THE COVER ON THE BOOK! Book lovers and collectors will appreciate your efforts of maintaining the integrity the book.

Do you own previously owned library books? What are your tips and tricks on restoring the books? I’m not brave enough to try to remove the spine stickers, but if you have a method that works I will certainly try.

What’s your stance on dust jackets- do you leave them on after purchase or say ‘sayonara!’?

Do you have any library related pet peeves? (I have more but am saving for a book review). What’s your favourite thing about your area library?

Again, I love the library as a resource. Just figured I would book-end (haha, pun intended) with that disclaimer.

Thanks for stopping by!


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